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Trinity Credit Union was set up in 1982 by a small group of people who saw the need for a credit union to service the area covered by the Parish boundary of Holy Trinity.
It started in an upstairs room of Donaghmede House, opening for a few hours every Friday night. Never in the wildest dreams of those original dedicated people would they have contemplated the wonderful achievement of their efforts in the success story Trinity Credit Union has become, especially with the completion of our building which has become a landmark in the community.
From those humble beginnings, we now have approx. 10,000 active members

Why should you join Trinity Credit Union?

You should join because it is your Credit Union – it belongs to you!.
Banks and Building Societies have come and gone from this community – their ultimate motive being profit but the credit union is here to stay.
Trinity Credit Union is an integral part of the community of Donaghmede, it serves the people who own it and we aim to give you the service you deserve.
Our cooperative principles and strong focus on community building and helping people are what set us apart from our competitors and make us unique.

  • A better banking future? It’s already here…
  • Guided by ethical principles
  • Owned by members
  • Community Board of Directors
  • Not for profit
  • Supporting the local economy and community
  • Accountable
  • Sustainable
  • Make a difference. Not just a difference to your finances but also to your community.The savings invested in Trinity Credit Union stay within the community. The funds, in the form of Loans granted to members, helps to advance the welfare of the community and raise the standard of living.

A Proud Past…A Promising Future.

Trinity Credit Union Ltd. is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland